Reticulation Repairs

Home Reticulation Repairs

Don’t waste time spending hours of your weekend trying to work out what is wrong with your reticulation system and then how to fix it properly.

We have qualified WGI Reticulation Experts on hand as well as Waterwise licenced Electricians who specialise in reticulation repairs!  It doesn’t get much better than this, Our guys have years of training under their belts and our equipment in the field allow us to diagnose and fix your problem and allow you to keep your garden green and hassle free.

Replacing controllers, repairing wiring, solenoids, sprinklers, all types of pipework, or even upgrading to the latest touch screen wifi globally controllable and monitorable systems. We can even set it up so you can have it monitored by us on your behalf if you like, and be in touch if there are any issues.

Call us, or email us today and we will get your system working, trouble free!