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Hiring a reputable service has many additional advantages such as:
• Boosting your property value, because of well maintained greenery and reticulation system.
• Reducing the hassles of manually watering the plants, shrubs etc.,
• Giving the benefits of automatic watering system.
• Protecting your landscaping and gardens.
• Making your property water-efficient with pleasant lifestyle.

As of now, our reticulation systems have benefited most of the property owners in Perth, from setting up garden with its regular tasks, improvements and reducing water wastage. Hence, house owners are sure that they can provide the best for their lawns hiring WA Retic Guys. To prevent malfunctions, proper maintenance and check-ups are needed frequently.

Controllers delay.

After setting up the automated Reticulation system, so that lawn owners can control the irrigation easily by just clicking the buttons and monitoring on time. However, there are times when controllers may involve certain glitches because of signaling or perhaps inadequate coverage on your wireless devices.

Damaged valves and hoses

One of the best processes to ensure, that your irrigation systems are functioning, is to monitor valves and hoses at regular intervals. In due time, hose and valve fittings can be damaged or may loosen during thunder lightening strike, which can cause leaks. So, we’ll identify the cause and the solution for over consumption of water. We’ll identify and do the replacement instantly to avoid wasting water.

Rusted pipes

Since most house owners make use of metal pipes, most cases is when rust blocks the pipe overtime in the systems, which results insufficient water flow. We do the researching and analyzing to predetermine you’ll need to replace the pipe or certain pipes. In few cases we suggest the plastic pipes to be replaced so that you add extra money into your pocket with the maintenance.
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