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Most of the landscaping, and boring and drilling services along with reticulation installations in Perth are carried out by us. The reason behind this is that these services are connected to reticulations. However, the primary work ideally includes (but not be limited to):
• New bores
• New controllers
• New reticulation systems
• Pump repair/replacement
• Maintenance of reticulations systems
• Electrical maintenance of the pump
• Maintenance of bore and submersible pumps
• Outdoor landscaping

Regular maintenance will make sure that you get the benefits of a quality reticulations system. Do you find all time wet and muddy area on your lawn. If you see pipe running areas that are not near any reticulation head, there could be a pipe break underground. This is a symptom for emergency repair, no matter how new the system is, we’ll make sure that water coming from the previously laid damaged system is not wasted while we repair and your grass and plants receive the right amount of irrigation they needed.

Experts at WA Retic Guys have the right know-how to manage any kind of reticulations laid in ground or on it and design the new reticulations system for you. No matter what it incorporated or how large is your reticulations system is, we will bring on board the qualified professional who have handled such systems up close for many years. Our professionals will offer you the option of further support to enhance the system with reticulation repairs.

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