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There are some precautions, while Irrigation installations in Perth, that turn into a nightmare since some homeowners make mistakes. To avoid those mistakes, WA Retic Guyslike to share some of the most common problems that most especially occur when installing reticulation on your lawns by other Retic service personnel.

Ignoring gas pipes or electrical cables before digging

One of the most common issues homeowners experience when installing reticulation system, it is not checked for gas pipes or electrical cables before digging, which can cause serious catastrophes like blowing up the unknown pipes which can cause fire or electrocution resulting death. So, before starting, it is important to check the layout of your constructed area and check those points where gas pipes and electrical cables are placed.

Placing the water pipe trenches too deep or too shallow

Most of the mistake is they place is shallow, which makes digging trenches easy and sooner. Either ways both mistakes can create vibrations and noise or too deep can cause pipe breakage overtime; too shallow pipes are tend to take the weight of anything above ground. On the other hand, placing the pipes too deep can cause hectic in analyzing if the pipe is broken or cracked.
Setting the sprinkler nozzles with too much overspray

Installing sprinkler nozzles with too much overspray is a mistake, which can result in substantial expenses with water wastage, as sprinklers nozzles with too much overspray can spray water outside the landscaped area.

Installing sprinkler heads that operate at the same time in the same zone

In order to irrigate the lawn properly, you need to set up numerous sprinkler heads. However, many non-experienced personnel place the sprinkler heads that operate at the same time in the same zone.
Setting sprinkler heads to run for the same amount of time

Lastly, setting all sprinkler heads to run at the same time since different sprinkler heads have different amount of precipitation. One of the issues is that, it will need more water to irrigate the same area if all sprinklers produce less water which can waste water and money.
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